Славянская Библия для Windows

“Славянская Библия” для Windows

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About “Slavic Bible” for Windows

To meet the growing demands for a Russian Language Bible program we have developed "Russian Electronic Bible" project, Slavic Bible for Windows is now a reality! Product work on IBM PCs only from 386 and more with any Windows system (3.1, 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000), English or Russian version.

Now this program has Bible texts in Russian (several editions), Ukrainian (several editions), Belorussian, Georgian, Armenian, Church-Slavonic, Biblical Hebrew (OT), Greek (LXX & NT 4 editions), Latin, Coptic, Syraic and 16 European languages. Russian and English texts have cross reference modules that can be modified with your own cross references. Personnel notes can be attached to any passage of the Bible. Word translation is just a right mouse click away thanks to Russian-English, English-Russian, Greek-English-Russian or Bible dictionaries. Product has a two-language (Russian & English) interface now. User can change the interface language "on the fly" without restarting the Slavic Bible or Windows.

Several screenshots:

Slavic Bible for Windows interface
Product has a two-language (Russian & English) interface now. User can change the interface language "on the fly" without restarting the Slavic Bible or Windows.

Russian Synodal translation in Slavic Bible for Windows
Russian Synodal Translations

Greek> English and Russian Biblies in Slavic Bible for Windows
Russian, English and Greek modules

Interlinear Greek-Russian New Testament in Slavic Bible for Windows
Interlinear Greek-Russian New Testament

Hebrew-Russian dictionary in Slavic Bible for Windows
Hebrew-Russian dictionary (in progress)

Full modules list:

1. Slavic translations of the Bible:

Russian Synodal Translation with Strong's codes and deuterocanonical books
New Testament in Russian (bishop Cassian edition)
New Testament in modern Russian ed. by Dr. M.Kulakov (Zaokski Bible Translation Institute)
Canonical Gospels in Russian (Rev.L.Lootkovsky translation)
Canonical Gospels and Revelation (K.P.Pobedonostsev translation)
First translation of New Testament in the Russian language. Russian Bible Society, 1824.
New Testament in Russian (Word of Life)
New Testament in Russian (Good News)
Four Gospels, Acts of apostles. "Pearl of Carpathian" translation.
Pentateuch of Moses in Russian (archimandrite Makarij translation)
Old Testament books, translation from Septuagint of prof. P.A.Jungerov
The New Testament in Russian, "Recovery Version"
Central Asian translation of Scriptures in Russian new!
Bible in Ukrainian (Ohienko translation)
Bible in Ukrainian (Khomenko translation) new!
Bible in Ukrainian, modern literal translation of Alexander Giza (not all books!)
Bible in Ukrainian (Turkoniak translation from LXX) new!
Bible in Ukrainian (P.Kulish translation, 1905)
New Testament in Ukrainian, F. S. Morachevsky translation new!
New Testament in Ukrainian, modern WBTC translation
Bible in Belorussian
Pentateuch in Belorussian, Rev. V.Chernjavsky translation
Bible in Church-Slavonic
Bible in Slovak (M.Rogachek translation)
New Testament in Slovak (catholic edition)
Bible ni Slovenian
Bible in Czech
Bible in Polish (Biblia Tysiaclecia)
Bible in Polish (Biblia Gdanska)
Bible in Polish, (Biblia Warszawska)
New Testament in Polish, (Biblia Poznanska)
Bible in Albanian
Bible in Bulgarian, Orthodox translation, 77 books
Bible in Bulgarian. Protestant translation, canon
New Testament in Serbian/Croatian, V.S.Karadzich translation, 1847

2. exUSSR:

Bible in Azeri
New Testament in Georgian
Bible in West Armenian
Bible in East Armenian
Bible in Lithuanian
Bible in Latvian
Bible in Estonian, translation of 1968 year
Genesis, Psalms and New Testament in Estonian, modern translation
Pentateuch, Psalms, Gospels in Uzbek (Cyrillic alphabet)
New Testament in Uzbek (Latin letters)
New Testament in Ramani (Gypsy)

3. Original texts and old translations of the Bible:

Old Testament in Hebrew
Old Testament in Paleo Hebrew
Targum Onkelos
New Testament in Hebrew (Salkinson & Ginzburg transl. 1887)
New Testament in Hebrew (F.Delitz transl. 1877)
Septuagint (Old Testaments in Greek)
Septuagint (Old Testaments in Greek) with morphological parse new!
New Testament in Greek, modern critical edition
Interlinear Greek-Russian New Testament
New Testament in Greek with morphological parse
New Testament in Greek, Byzantine Majority text
New Testament in Greek, Stephanus Textus Receptus
New Testament in Greek, 1881 Westcott-Hort critical edition with Strong's codes
Vulgate (critical text)
Biblia Sacra Vulgatam Clementinam
New Vulgate
New Testament in Syraic (from Peshita, Aramaic letters)
New Testament in Syraic (from Peshita, Nestorian serto alphabet)
New Testament in Coptic (Sahidic dialect)
New Testament in Old Georgian
Four Gospels and Psalms in Old Armenian (Grabar)

4. English translations of the Bible:

The English version of the Septuagint. Translated by Sir Lancelot C.L. Brenton and published by Samuel Bagster & Sons, Ltd. London 1851. new!
King James Version with cross references and Strong's codes
Rheims New Testament
American Standard Version
Revised Standard Version
Webster Bible
Darby Translation
Young's Literal Translation
Bible in basic English 1949/1964
West Saxon Gospels of XII century new!
Wycliffe Bible, edition of 1395 year in original spelling
Tyndale New Testament (1525) & Pentateuch (1530) in original spelling

5. European translations of the Bible:

Bible in Irish new!
Bible in German (Luther Bibel), edition of 1912
Bible in German (Luther Bibel) in original spelling of 1545 edition new!
Bible in German (Schlachter Bibel)
Bible in German (Unrevidierte Elberfelder)
Bible in French (Louis Segond Version)
Bible in Finnish (Pyho Raamattu version)
Bible in Spanish (RV Bible)
Bible in Italian (La Nuova Diodati)
Bible in Portuguese (A Biblia Sagrada)
Bible in Dutch (Statenvertaling)
Bible in Romanian (Cornilescu Version)
Bible in Hungarian (Karoli bibliaforditassal)
Bible in Icelandic
Bible in Esperanto
Gospels in Manx Gaelic

6. Dictionaries, etc:

Greek-English-Russian New Testament dictionary
Russian-English dictionary
English-Russian dictionary
Priest Alexander Men commentary and dictionary of biblical names in Russian
Russian Bible encyclopedia of archmfndrite Nikifor
Russian Bible dictionary
Easton's Bible dictionary
Bible maps, photos of Holy Land and topical handbook
Hebrew-Greek dictionary of the Old Testament
Greek Hebrew dictionary of the Old Testament

7. Modules for apologetic work:

Christian apocryphas in Russian. It has Book of Enoh, Testament of Abraham, Ascension of Moses, Revelation of Ezdras, Revelation of Baruch, Revelation of Sedrah, Gospels from Thomas, Peter, Philip, Maria, Gospel of childhood, the Essean Gospel of Peace, Gospel of hebrews (fragments) Gospel of ebonits (fragments), Protogospel of Jacob, Agrafa, papyrus from Oxirin, Edgerton papyrus, Revelation of Peter (greek version translation), Revelation of Peter (ethiopian version translation), Revelation of Paul, Revelation of Mary, Revelation of John (apocryph!)
Testaments of 12 Patriarchs in Russian (apocryph)
Koran in Russian
Koran in English
Book of Mormon in Russian
Book of Mormon in English
Tanah (full Old Testament) in English, jewish translations
Torah (Pentateuch of Moses) in Russian (2 editions), jewish translations
New Testament in Russian (New World translation)

"Slavic Bible" 1.5 for Windows is freeware. You can download it free or receive on CD-ROM for mail sum only. Tou can copy and install this software free in any computer.

You can receive additional information and product from:

Sergej A.Fedosov
ul. Zelenij gaj 92
Donetsk, 83039, Ukraine
Phone: +38-050-174-91-29
Email: sergej@sbible.donetsk.ua



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Barney Ash 2015-03-20 07:28:26
Please tell me how much the mail sum is for you to send me the CD-ROM.
My address is 6200 Pershing Ave #256 Fort Worth, TX 76116
or instructions how to download it.
Thank you Barney Ash

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